Hashpipe is the brainchild of two long time tech industry veterans. As distributed ledger technologies gained popularity, we began mining and trading crypto and were hooked. Like so many, we both felt like blockchain technology was a glimpse into the future.

It wasn’t long until our entrepreneurial nature kicked in and we started trying to figure out how we could apply our skillset toward something people would find useful in the blockchain space. As engineers, we spent much of our time in the cloud space. Experience with infrastructure as a service and software as a service providers got us thinking… How about crypto mining as a service? From this, Hashpipe was born.

Crypto mining as a service is exactly what it sounds like; we mine from the cloud then deliver that to our customers. We’ve built out specialized infrastructure to do just one thing, mine Bitcoin and other currencies as efficiently as possible. We’ve committed to massive amounts of power to get the price down as low as possible. We’ve built modular “container data centers” that allow us to quickly deploy additional hash power as demand grows. We then make that hashpower available to our customers so they can mine crypto without all the headaches. We believe in decentralization, and Hashpipe is our attempt toward making crypto mining accessible for everyone!

We wish we could tell you who we are and show our faces, but for privacy and security purposes we’re going to try to stay anonymous. Unfortunately, individuals associated with large crypto operations have been targeted by bad actors, so we need to protect ourselves.

Just rest assured that as far as our business goes, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers. We want you to order with confidence. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at all, and happy hashing!